Discover Lincoln City's Explorience program, a series of free, hands-on learning events led by local experts. Not only will you enjoy a richer experience during your visit, you'll also be eligible to get some "members only" benefits.

Our Explorience program was created so you can add some local knowledge to the souvenirs you bring home from Lincoln City.

Topics range from clamming to bird watching to exploring tide pools, and more are added throughout the year. It's a fun way to get a little extra out of each trip.

And speaking of extra, participants can become members of our club, making them eligible for monthly prize drawings and to possibly win our annual grand prize - a vacation package.

Beachcombing Exploriences

Join our leading local rockhound on a trek along the beach where you'll uncover all kinds of treasures. Find agates, gemstones, fossils and more.... maybe even a glass float, part of the Finders Keepers program.

Tide Pool Exploriences

Join our friends from Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and the Hatfield Marine Science Center to explore fantastic coastal marine life and learn about colorful intertidal environments.

Crabbing Exploriences

Enjoy the bounty of Siletz Bay where Dungeness crab play. Toss a trap in the water right from the shore and see what you can catch for dinner.

Clamming Exploriences

As the tide recedes, the mudflats of Siletz Bay become exposed along with delicious Purple Varnish clams. Let our guide show you the tricks to tracking them down and bag your limit.

Bird Watching Exploriences

Lincoln City is home to a vast array of bird species. Who better to tell us all about them and the environment in which they live than the Lincoln City Audobon Society.

Lincoln City Explorers Club

As if exploring Lincoln City with our local experts isn't enough, those that complete five Lincoln City Exploriences can join the Explorers Club.

How to Play

Upon completing a Lincoln City Explorience, you will receive a token. Collect five different tokens and take them to the Visitor Information Center or Explore Lincoln City offices to get signed up for the club.

Club Benefits

Each club member will receive a "membership card," an exclusive hand-crafted glass coin. This coin is not only a collector's item, it also unlocks a number of excellent club benefits.

Club members will be entered into ongoing monthly drawings for cool prizes. Prizes include glass floats, Lincoln City swag, gift certificates to local businesses and overnight packages. Members will continue to be entered into drawings each month.

Once per year, Explore Lincoln City will give away a special grand prize, a vacation getaway to Lincoln City.

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Crabbing Exploriences Enjoy the bounty of Siletz Bay with Explore Lincoln City’s Crabbing Exploriences. The Exploriences run from late spring to early fall, everyone is welcome to catch their own dinner.

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Clamming Exploriences Search for Purple Varnish clams in Siletz Bay at low tide during our Clamming Exploriences. Discover all the tips and secrets to finding these delicious treats.

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