Debunking Wildfire Rumors

All sorts of information has been flying around about Lincoln City and the surrounding wildfires. We're here to debunk some of those wildfire rumors for you.

1. Wildfire has spread inside the Lincoln City city limits.
False. The Echo Mountain Fire Complex is currently located in the areas of Otis and Rose Lodge, about six miles NE of Lincoln City.

2. Lincoln City is under complete Level 3 evacuation orders.
False. Many of the evacuation levels have been removed. A Level 2 evacuation notice is still in place for north Lincoln City.

3. The power is off throughout all of Lincoln City.
False. While Lincoln City is experiencing disruptions in power, some parts of the city are back online. This situation is fluid and can change at any moment.

4. The DMV, McDonald's, Safeway, Chinook Winds' Golf Course, and Neotsu Post Office have all sustained fire damage.
False. None of these structures have been impacted by the wildfires.

5. Otis has burned to the ground.
False. While many homes and personal property in the area have been significantly impacted by the fires, the town of Otis is okay. The Otis post office, Otis market, Otis Pizzeria, Otis Dispensary, and the Otis BeanBox, have been spared.

6. I can still vacation in Lincoln City during this time.
False. Conditions are still dangerous and can change at any moment. Please make plans to explore Lincoln City at a later date.

7. The Echo Mountain Fire Complex has been contained.
False. Officials report 45% containment as of the last update to this site.