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What Our Visitors Have to Say

“Loved our visit this last week! Found a gorgeous float from The Glass Forge, #367 in the Nelscott area while boogie boarding. It’s my favorite souvenir from the week! Thank you, Lincoln City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
-Brook Vossler

“We had an amazing time in Lincoln City last week. It’s the first vacation my husband and I have had together with just us. We actually got married at Road’s End State Park last August. I think the funnest thing we did while we were there was clamming. We went to Siletz Bay Park and dug for clams three of the four days we were there. The people we talked to about clamming at Ace hardware were really helpful. We got our license from Eleanor’s Undertow. The guy there was very helpful as well. We spent a lot of time on the beach (other then digging for clams). We walked miles on the beaches there. The weather was nice and warm. It hardly rained until the last day of our trip. My husband and I also visited the Driftwood Public Library. That is a beautiful building! We used the wifi there and looked around a bit. We also walked around town a bit and went into a bunch of antique stores. We absolutely love Lincoln City and are thinking of coming back every year about the same time. The whole place seems so laid back and relaxed when it isn’t tourist season. Thank you all for making our trip so much fun.”
-Christina and Jon Kowitz

“I really enjoyed my visit . They people of Lincoln City are great! I will be returning again in late spring,I just love this area.”
-Laura Burrow

“My Mother-in-Law lived there until she passed away years ago. We visited in July. It was usually good weather. It is a nice city. Great memories were made there with salmon fishing and crabbing. We did some clam digging along a river there too. Black Berries start ripening then too!”
-Linda Sonntag

Romance in Lincoln City

“Love the beach and the time away with Family!! My husband and I love the Romance of Lincoln City!! The people are so friendly and warm!! We love to walk the shops and see all the Antique shops!! Just simply……..AWESOME!!!”

-Kym Millus

“Lincoln City…what else can I say! Love the beaches and the floats. Nothing could be better then spending a along weekend with good friends in Lincoln City.”
-Sheri Leach

“The town is wonderful and we always, always have a great time whenever we visit.”
-Teresa Johnson

“My husband and I stopped in Lincoln City on both ends of our anniversary trip, first for lunch at the very fun 60s Diner, & then a week later for the Kite Festival. Oregonians are a rugged breed, & we were impressed with the great turn-out of flyers in the driving rain & gale! The “Kite Dancer” teams were the most impressive, with their precision & teamwork. A future trip to the coast will definitely include more time in LC!”
-Sharon Beers-Green, Santa Fe, NM

“Of all the coastal towns in Oregon that we have been to, Lincoln City feels the most welcoming and we love the beaches there.”
-Elizabeth McGrew

“I’ve always been a Cannon Beach visitor; this New Years trip turned my head…Wow what have I been missing?!”
-Audra Moore

“We had a awesome time!!! We came down specifically to blow glass bowls at Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio. We also enjoyed watching the wind surfers and the whales. Had some great seafood. Can’t wait to come down again!!!”
-Debbie Allman

“My family and I had a great time in Lincoln City….our stay was fantastic. We will be back for sure.”
-Mike K, Montana

“Cici and I LOVED staying at the Capt. Cook Inn when we were there… it was a small motel, with LOTS of pet friendliness, privacy, clean and quiet at a very affordable price. We felt welcomed, it was charming and truly nice people in the midst of a very busy city. A hidden treasure.”
-CeliaSue Hecht

“Our visit to Lincoln City and the Antique Week Scavenger Hunt was a highlight of our trip to the coast. I was impressed with the many antique stores. Each one was different and it was not one of those “If you have seen one you have seen them all” kind of deals, This made the scavenger hunt very special.”
-Janice Boneck

“We spent time antique shopping and one of the shop owners was kind enough to provide us with a map of all the shops along 101 which made our shopping day fun and easy. We enjoyed a day at the Lincoln City Outlets which I found had great sales and a nice variety of shops.”
-Louise J., California

“…and the Christmas Shop…oh my goodness!!!! I fell in love (and spent lots of $$$); I have always wanted to stop in there but never seem to be able to fit it into our trip. We will be hitting that shop when we return.”
-Robyn C., Oregon

“Last time we were there we made a glass bowl, now that was a bunch of fun!”
-Stacy T., Oregon

“I love Lincoln City! The beaches are the best in that area over most on the coast.”
-Leah G., Oregon


“We made glass floats at the Jennifer Sears Glass Studio, which was a fantastic experience; you have so much fun and learn a lot as well! Personally, I think Lincoln City rocks. The ocean is beautiful, the location is perfect, and there’s plenty to do both in the city and very close by. If I had to pick a highlight it would be tough, but learning how to blow glass made it to the top of our list.”

-Lisa W., Oregon

“Our favorite thing was hunting for glass floats…we finally found 2 of them the last night we were out. It was a thrill.”
-Barb R. Oregon

“Loved Lincoln City. Really wanted to find a Glass Ball, but weather and time did not allow us to find one. I would love to have one. You have a great city.”
-Mike F., Tennessee

“My husband thoroughly enjoyed crabbing in Lincoln City. He had a huge smile on his face throughout the entire 5 hour experience. Crabbing was 2.5 hours and cooking/eating/socializing was 2.5 hours. Bill Lackner, the guide was excellent. What an amazing ambassador for the Visitor’s Center. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and just a great human being! He answered my inquiries promptly before the trip. He went over and above our expectations of a guide. We go to Lincoln City at least three times a year. We enjoy the great beach. We also enjoy the casino. We have stayed at many hotels. We’ve enjoyed eating at the casino restaurants, Pig N Pancake, McMenamins Lighthouse Pub, Misty’s and Mo’s many times.”
-Patricia Chan

“This (Lincoln City Glass Center) is the BEST place in Lincoln City!”
-Sheronda A., San Mateo, CA

“We loved Lincoln City, especially coming during the off season, it seemed like we didn’t have to wait for anything. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t change a thing, and we will without a doubt be back, the same week next year.”
-Jessica H.

“Thank you [Lincoln City VCB] and all of the other good people in Lincoln City for spending so much time and effort making your city such a wonderful place!”
-June C., Malibu, CA

“There are so many things to do here, I can’t think of anything else that I would need to do.”
-Linda Cyrus, Baring, WA

“After staying 5 nights, I haven’t even done half of what’s already here to do. Very fun place.”
-Laural Cyrus, Baring, WA

“First time here—fantastic!”
-Karen and Terry Troglin, Plymouth, CA

“Our daughter stayed here 10 years ago and said we should come. She was right!”
-Jeff Thompson, Abbotsford, BC

“Lincoln City is the place to go on the coast!”
-Bill Flynn, Corvallis, OR

“Absolutely fantastic! We are your biggest fans; our stay was wonderful. We have told at least 20 people.”
-Kathleen Braza

“Everything was just GREAT, my son and I could not say enough good things about Lincoln City.”
-Aaron Lucas

“We did the blow your own float thing. Well, that was so much fun and our floats turned out beautiful. Better than any we saw in any shop. Needless to say we were very impressed with our instructor and how patient he was with us. We hope to do this again next year. Than you for a great time!”
-Joan Crayne

“I truly loved everything about the your state! I really loved Lincoln City and I hope I will be able to get back there because I did not get enough! Thank you so much!”
-Brenda Yale Modery

“Lincoln City is a friendly place with the best beaches that holds so many wonderful childhood memories for me. I can’t wait to make more memories with my child and family.”
-Tracee A., Loomis, CA