Elk, deer and rare butterflies all live comfortably in our temperate coastal climate. Explore areas of Lincoln City where these creatures call home.

Roosevelt ElkView wildlife on land, including black tailed deer in Lincoln City, OR

Weighing up to 1,000 pounds, they are the largest of any elk species. They can be spotted in the pasture and Cascade Head areas just north of Lincoln City or near Devils Lake.

Oregon Silverspot Butterfly

This endangered species is located on the Nature Conservancy’s Cascade Head just north of Lincoln City. A captive-rearing program designed to increase the likelihood of its recovery was initiated in 1999 by the Nature Conservancy.

Black-Tailed Mule Deer

It is one of nine subspecies of the mule deer and lives in the temperate climate of the Pacific Coast. These deer do not migrate and live in the yards and neighborhoods of Lincoln City. Some even swim the waters of Devils Lake.

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