Discover all the sea critters that call our waters home. Gray whales can be spotted along the Oregon Coast year round and even more often during their migration. Sneak a peek at sea lions, seals and otters as they lounge and play.

Sea StarsSee gray whales of the shore of Lincoln City, OR

Commonly called starfish, Sea Stars are spiny -skinned invertebrates. They are carnivores that eat clams, oysters, fish and other animals through the mouth on the underside. Sea Stars may have five legs or legs in the double digits.


Pacific Gray Whales migrate along the Oregon Coast each year, to and from Baja. The best place to see the migration is from any elevated location in early morning, before the wind begins to blow. To see them spy hopping or breaching is an amazing sight. Learn about whale watching

California Sea Lions

Found from British Columbia, Canada to Baja Mexico, males often reach 850 pounds and seven feet in length. Most pups are born in June or July. The sea lions are very social animals and rest together in tightly packed groups.Look for Harbor seals at Siletz Bay in Lincoln City, OR

Harbor Seals

Though they are graceful in the water, on land they move awkwardly by flopping on their bellies. They are about 300 pounds and six feet long. A large colony rests on the Salishan Spit in Siletz Bay and can be seen at the SW 51st Street bay access.


Sea Otters are a rare sight on the coast, River Otters, however, inhabit the tributaries flowing into the ocean. They can be seen near the Siletz River and Schooner Creek in south Lincoln City, the Salmon River at the north end and occasionally in Devils Lake.

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