With a range of fliers, from majestic peregrine falcons and bald eagles to delicate murres, Lincoln City is definitely for the birds. Enjoy a variety of bird watching here.

Western SandpiperFalcons can be found along the Oregon Coast in Lincoln City

The most common migrating shorebird on the Oregon Coast. With dark legs and a thin dark bill, they can be found on the mudflats, beaches, shores or lake where they feed on insects and crustaceans.

Western Snowy Plover

This shorebird nests on open sandy beaches and dry mudflats on the southern and central Oregon Coast. They were listed as threatened in 1993, declining primarily from habitat loss.

Bald Eagle

Removed from the endangered list in 2007, these birds live in a variety of locations on the Oregon Coast, including stands of trees near Siletz Bay and on Devils Lake. Their white heads and 8-foot wingspan make them easy to spot.

OspreyPelicans can be found along the Oregon Coast in Lincoln City

These birds are hawks that eat exclusively fish and live in forested areas near lakes, rivers and the ocean. Ospreys are frequently seen in Siletz Bay, the Siletz River, Devils Lake and areas of south Lincoln City.


Black and white diving ducks that feed on fish and plants, they travel a long way under water in search of prey. Their populations have declined significantly from habitat loss. They can be found on Devils Lake and Siletz Bay.

Dusky Canada Goose

These geese winter on the Oregon Coast, including at Salishan Spa & Golf Resort, feeding on plant life.

Wood Duck

Blue Herons can be found along the Oregon Coast in Lincoln CityThe Wood Duck is striking because of its colorful sculpted appearance. They are cavity nesters, often using nest boxes provided by humans. They can occasionally be found on Devils Lake.

Pelagic Cormorant

These birds are found year-round along the Oregon Coast. They nest in colonies off cliffs and ledges. The colony at Cape Foulweather, about 10 miles south of Lincoln City, is one of the largest on the Pacific Coast.

Tufted Puffin

Nesting on coastal rocks in colonies where soil-topped inland exist, these puffins winter at sea and thus are often hard to see. The best view in the area is at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport.

Western Gull

Seagulls can be found along the Oregon Coast in Lincoln CityThe largest population on the Oregon Coast year-round. They are agressive scavengers, including sandwich you just brought outdoor, so keep a close eye on them. They are also ever-present voyeurs at oceanfront restaurant windows.

Brown Pelican

Of the seven species of pelicans, the endangered Brown Pelican is the only dark one and the only one that plunges from the air into the water to catch its food. Brown Pelicans can be seen spring through fall on the ocean and in Slietz Bay.

Great Blue Heron

They are large, long legged stately birds that inhabit salt water areas, such as Siletz Bay. They move slowly but strike quickly when they spy prey.

Great White Egret

A large heron with an orange bill and black legs, the Great White Egret inhabits the salt waters of Siletz Bay.

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