Kite flying in Lincoln City is a popular activity and a beloved tradition. Our coastal winds are ideal for kite flying making this pastime a signature of the town.

Up in the AirKite Flying is a way of life in Lincoln City, OR

Whether you’re a kid or want to feel like one again, give kite flying a try. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Kites come in all shapes and sizes, from beginner to advanced. Bring your own from home or find the perfect fit at one of our specialty shops. Hit the beach and soar into the sky.

Kite Festivals

Lincoln City hosts two kite festivals each year, one in the summer and another in the fall. Held at the D River wayside in the center of town, large colorful kites of all shapes and sizes adorn the sky. Professional fliers from around the world perform signature routines and show off their skills. It’s quite a sight to see.

Learn about the Summer Kite FestivalVisit the Summer and Fall Kite Festivals in Lincoln City, OR

Learn about the Fall Kite Festival

Kite Shops

Northwest Winds Kites & Toys

130 SE Hwy 101 – Across from the D River Wayside
Offering factory direct prices and selection on top quality kites, tails, toys, wind décor, and banners.


1529 NW Hwy 101
An immense array of merchandise ranging from toys to puzzles, to kites, to home decorations and so much more.

KitesurfingKite surfing on the ocean in Lincoln City, OR

There’s other ways to enjoy kites in Lincoln City. Those same coastal winds, which power kites flown on land also fuel those on the sea. An increasing popular sport, kitesurfing is suited to Lincoln City because of it’s open waters and constant winds. Safety is important, so make sure you are a strong swimmer, know how to paddle and bring your wetsuit. Gear and lessons can be found at our local surf shops. Learn about surfing

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