You’re on the Oregon Coast so of course you want to explore the beach, and we’ve got over seven miles of it, more than any other coastal town.

Access PointsEnjoy all seven miles of beach in Lincoln City, OR

Want to get on the sand? The most important part of any visit to the coast. There are many public beach access points to choose from with a variety of amenities. If you don’t have private access, choose the right one for you. Learn about beach access points

Tide Pools

The tide gradually recedes, leaving behind exposed rocks with pools of still salt water. In those pools colorful, exotic creatures make their homes – Ocean habitats in miniature. What wonders will you discover? Learn about our tide pools

BeachcombingDiscover tide pools on the beach in Lincoln City, OR

The best of the sea’s treasure comes ashore after a big storm. You’ll find beautiful driftwood, agates, shells, sea creatures, and if you’re lucky a glass float. Learn about beachcombing

At Play

Build a sandcastle, fly a kite, enjoy the warmth of a bonfire or just watch the sunset. Everyone finds their own way to enjoy the beach. Learn about ways to play on the beach

Glass Floats

Find glass floats on the beach during Finders Keepers in Lincoln City, ORFrom mid October through Memorial Day each year, Finders Keepers, glass floats on the beach literally offers guests a chance to go on a treasure hunt. Learn about Finders Keepers

Beach Safety

Be mindful while experiencing the beach in Lincoln City, and engage in safe ways to explore and have fun. Keep in mind that our ocean is cool, literally, and sneaker waves are a real thing, so when near that water never turn your back. Keep an eye on floating driftwood and even though it’s not hot, you’ll want to bring your sunscreen. Be extra cautious during high winds and storms.


In an effort to make it a little bit easier for everyone to enjoy the beach, we have a beach wheelchair and walker that can be checked out free of charge. Contact the business below for more information.

Beach Wheelchair – Looking Glass Inn • 541-996-3996
Beach Walker – Siletz Bay Lodge • 541-996-6111

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