Devils Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon, is a must see for anyone in the area. Hiding just east of the Pacific Ocean it is a great place to spend a minute, an hour, or the entire day!

Devils Lake, it’s in the Details!

Many find that Devils LakeDevils Lake in Lincoln City, OR is the perfect companion to the Pacific Ocean. When the wind is blowing on the beach, a hiker, picnicker, or sunbather can often find solace in one of the many parks or public beach accesses around Devils Lake.

On summer days when the marine layer won’t burn off, a quick drive to the east side of the lake offers sunshine and much more agreeable temperatures. If big surf and cold temperatures keep you out of the ocean, Devils Lake’s calm waters and warmer temperatures may suit you.

With its many parks, beaches, trails, picnic areas, boat launches, fishing docks, play equipment, and bike loop, the devil is in the details on Devils Lake!

Water Quality Information

Devils Lake Water Improvement District offers seasonal recreational water quality updates. The District begins sampling Memorial Day and continues through Labor Day weekend. Results are posted at kiosks at all the parks listed in this brochure. Results can also be found here, or call 541-994-5330.


Digging deeper into Devils Lake? Explore the surrounding streets, watersheds and depth profile with these maps of the lake.


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More Information

For more information about Devils Lake contact the Devils Lake Water Improvement District at 541-994-5330 or visit their website.

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