We’ve got a lot of water around here, so take advantage of it! Have fun on the ocean, lake, bay or rivers. Each offers a unique experience and plenty of sights to see. Get on the water.

Surf’s Up

Roads End and Nelscott Areas
Lincoln City has seven miles of steady waves from Roads End at the north to Salishan at the south. Those swells encounter rocky reefs offshore, piling the water into mammoth waves just waiting for the rider. A popular spot is Roads End State Park. And if you need equipment or instruction, help is a short distance away any of our local surf shops.

In the winter months, the Nelscott area is known for its “Hawaii-like” swells intended only for the experts. Motor coach access and restrooms are available only at Roads End State Park. There are restrooms and hot showers at Canyon Drive Park in Nelscott.

Recommended time: As long as the surf’s up!

Devils Lake

Northeast Lincoln City
The 680-acre lake is a popular spot for water skiers and jet skiers, particularly from Memorial Day through September when the weather is calmer and the lake is warmer. Pontoons, motorboats, kayaks and canoes can be rented at Blue Heron Landing.

Recommended time: 2-4 hours

Siletz Bay

Taft and Cutler City Areas
Paddleboard, kayak or boat on the waters of the bay. With its calm waters and shelter from the coastal winds, it’s a great place to play. There’s ample parking, public restrooms and access to the water. And if you work up an appetite there’s plenty of options to choose from in the area.

Recommended time: 2-4 hours

Rivers & Streams

The Salmon River to the north, Siletz Bay and the Siletz River to the south provide quieter water activities. On those waters you can take a swim or enjoy a peaceful kayak or canoe trip or a stand up paddleboard experience.

Recommended time: 2-4 hours

Equipment, Gear & Lessons

Blue Heron Landing

4006 NE West Devils Lake Rd • 541-994-4708 • Website
Watercraft rentals on Devils Lake.

Surf Shops

Near to buy or rent gear, or even lessons on how to ride? Our local surf shops have your back.

  • Lincoln City Surf Shop – 4792 SE Hwy 101 • 541-996-7433 • Website
  • Safari Town Surf Shop – 3026 NE Hwy 101 • 541-996-6335 • Website
  • Zuhg Life Surf Shop – 3219 SW Hwy 101 • 541-418-2196 • Website

KLG Adventures

Their experienced instructors and personal watercraft operators teach you the essentials of water safety and awareness, equipment use and technique for an enjoyable and truly unforgettable scenic excursion. Learn more about KLG Adventures

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