Treat your taste buds and eat your way through Lincoln City with some of the finest dining options in town. Take a culinary class to learn more about local cuisine or find somewhere to catch your own dinner. Discover your culinary side.

Culinary Center in Lincoln City

801 SW Hwy 101, 4th floor North • 800-452-2151 • Website
The Culinary Center focuses on the abundant foods and culinary heritage of the Pacific Northwest. Good, safe and wholesome foods locally grown, seasonally fresh and whole (or minimally processed) are not only more pleasurable to eat and prepare, but also minimize the negative impact on the environment. The Center is committed to teaching time-tested methods and skills, with special attention to strengthening the connections between farmers, fishermen, other producers and the consumer.

The program includes recreational cooking classes and demonstrations for individuals and groups with respect to all kinds of cuisine, not just Pacific Northwest. Call Chef Sharon Wiest at 541-557-1125 or check their website to see what classes are offered during your stay in Lincoln City.

Recommended time: 3 hours

Catch Your Own Dinner

Discover ways to catch your own dinner. Crab with ease from the shore, or dig clams on the mudflats at low tide.


Although crabbing is done commercially in the ocean, those seeking only a few can pursue them at any time of the year—and you do not have to get on the ocean to do it. Siletz Bay and Siletz River at the south edge of Lincoln City are prime spots for crabbing.

The best time of day is an hour or two before or after low tide when the creatures are active and water currents disturb the crab gear least. All you need is a folding trap, bait, license, and a measuring gauge, all of which can be obtained from Eleanor’s Undertow on SW 51st Street or Ace Hardware at S 101 and 49th. Regulations for crabbing are posted on the Taft Dock on SW 51st Street, next to Mo’s. Crabbing and clamming clinics are taught in the spring, summer, and fall.

Recommended time: 1-2 hours


Clamming is as simple as crabbing and equally satisfying. Most of the clams found in this area are either the smaller purple varnish clams or larger soft shell clams. Low tide is when you dig for clams. Look for soft shell clams in the mud flats on either side of the bay in the upper bay between Drift Creek and the Millport Slough. A round shaped show (or hole) identifies the clam located up to 18” below the surface.

Purple varnish clams are the dominate clam in the bay. They are located in the lower portion of the bay from Cutler City to near the entrance of the bay. The clams are located to depths of 14” below the surface of the sand and are identified by numerous shows approximately 1/8” in diameter. Clamming also requires a license.

Recommended time: 1-2 hours

Fine Dining

After learning about Northwest cuisine and catching your own dinner, treat your taste buds to a fine dining experience.

The Bay House

5911 SW Hwy 101 • 541-996-3222 • Website
A unique and wonderful setting for a fabulous dining experience. Great food, attentive service, and a beautiful setting have always been their hallmarks. Open for dinner service only, the menu changes often, reflecting what’s in season, what’s coming off the farm, or whatever has caught the chef’s attention that day.

Blackfish Cafe

2733 NW Hwy 101 • 541-996-1007 • Website
The Blackfish Cafe is one of the Oregon Coasts’ freshest restaurant, featuring real fresh seafood, local produce, seasonal vegetables, meats, salads, and a selection of Northwest beach favourites. Preparations are simple yet elegant, highlighting the natural flavours of the Pacific Northwest.

Chinook’s Seafood Grill

1777 NW 44th St • 888-244-6665 • Website
Relax while you dine at Chinook’s Seafood Grill. Enjoy watching the waves crash from your table, share a drink with friends around the fire pit or catch the late night weekend entertainment. With a menu featuring a bounty of favorites from the sea, Chinook’s Seafood Grill serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a beachfront dining room that offers a dramatic view of the Pacific.

Fathom’s at Inn at Spanish Head

4009 SE Hwy 101 • 541-994-1601 • Website
Located on the Inn’s 10th floor, Fathoms Restaurant & Bar offers spectacular Oregon coast views, fresh seafood, juicy steaks and other Northwest specialties. Fathoms Bar features classic hand-shaken cocktails and fresh squeezed juices. Enjoy an array of appetizers, then relax with the best ocean view on the Oregon coast.

Recommended time: 1-2 hours at any of these restaurants (reservations available)

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