Lincoln City has a wide variety of art studios and galleries. You’ll discover glass art, sculpture, paintings and photography in our galleries. Experience something hands-on or watch a skilled artisan up close at one the popular studios. Find the artist in you.

Hands-On StudiosBlow glass art at the Lincoln City Glass Center in Lincoln City, OR

Lincoln City Glass Center

4821 SW Hwy 101 • 541-996-2569 • Website
At this glassblowing studio you have the opportunity not only to see glassblowing in action, but also to experience the art. The studio offers glassblowing demonstrations free to the public, exclusive of a few major holidays. In the winter, the studio may close before 6pm. Public restrooms and visitor information about the area are available.

For a modest fee, studio artisans will teach anyone in your group who wishes to blow their own glass float, make their own paperweight, bowl, or glass float. The work is ready for them to take home the following day or can be shipped. Photography and questions are allowed and encouraged, and the artists make every effort to educate guests about the various techniques of the craft. Visit Alder House Glassblowing Studio just south of Lincoln City, ORCall or visit their website for reservations.

Recommended time: 45-60 minutes, plus 20-25 minutes for every person in the group who wishes to blow glass

Alder House Glassblowing Studio

611 Immonen Road • 541-996-2483 • Website
When your group visits Alder House, you will be standing in Oregon’s oldest glassblowing studio. The original facility opened 38 years ago, and the current facility, tucked in a romantic wooded area, opened March 15, 1999. Alder House is open daily, from mid-March through November. At Alder House you can watch the artists blow glass art pieces or purchase pieces previously created. The artists are happy to share information about their art and techniques and frequently explain what they are doing as they create the pieces. Photography and questions are allowed and encouraged. Get hands-on with fused glass art at Mor Art in Lincoln City, ORLocated about ¾ of a mile up Immonen Road just south of Lincoln City and a half-mile south of the Siletz Bay Bridge, Alder House III can be reached from anywhere in Lincoln City within 15 or 20 minutes. Admission is free. Groups of 25 or fewer can be accommodated comfortably or larger groups in shifts. Public restrooms are available.

Recommended time: 45-60 minutes

Mor Art

4933 SW Hwy 101 • 541-994-2427 • Website
Both a retail store and a working studio, Mor Art offers something for everyone. It’s just down the block from the Jennifer Sears Glass Studio, on the other side of the North Lincoln County Historical Museum. Mor Art has classes in glass fusion, mosaics or painting on glass. Classes are available for groups or individual students.Explore the Freed Gallery in Lincoln City, OR Whether you make it, buy it, or watch it being made, Mor Art is a fun place to find – or make — your special coastal treasure. Prior reservations are advised.

Recommended time: 45-60 minutes,

Art Galleries

Freed Gallery

6119 SW Hwy 101 • 541-994-5600 • Website
This gallery features over 100 artists in all mediums from the Northwest, across the US and beyond. The exterior garden features both wind and stone sculptures, which beckon the traveler to stop.

Recommended time: 30-45 minutes

Chessman GalleryExplore the Ryan Gallery in Lincoln City, OR

540 NE Hwy 101 • 541-994-9994 • Website
Located inside of the Lincoln City Cultural Center, the Chessman Gallery hosts rotating exhibits featuring local and guest artists working in a variety of artistic mediums.

Recommended time: 30-45 minutes

Volta Gallery

4830 NE Hwy 101 • 541-996-7600 • Website
Featuring a wide range of art from local artists including photography, paintings, ceramics, jewelry, and a variety of handcrafted glass art.

Recommended time: 30-45 minutes

Pacific Artists Alliance Co-op Gallery

620 NE Hwy 101 • 541-557-800 • WebsiteExplore Volta Gallery in Lincoln City, OR
Representing nearly 40 artists, this gallery offers large display areas with a changing array of beautiful and affordable artistic creations. The gallery also has a supportive partnership to host fun and informative art classes.

Recommended time: 30-45 minutes

Mossy Creek Pottery & Gallery

483 S Immonen Rd • 541-996-2415 • Website
This hidden gem is home to the work of 40 Northwest artists. Inside you’ll find a wide assortment of functional and decorative pottery in an array of glazes, representing the many and varied styles and techniques of our local and regional potters.

Recommended time: 30-45 minutes

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