Need a little help planning your trip to the Oregon Coast or deciding what to do? We’re here to help! Based on your interest we’ve got some trip itineraries that let you experience our area.

The Highlights

For this trip, you have only a short time and want to make the most of it while you are here. That means you’ll have to come back to Lincoln City again soon in order to experience everything! Check out the Lincoln City Oregon Attractions you just can’t miss. Enjoy the highlights

The Artist In You

Lincoln City has a wide variety of art studios and galleries. You’ll discover blown glass art, sculpture, paintings and photography in our galleries. Experience something hands-on or watch a skilled artisan up close at one of these popular studios. Find the artist in you

Discover Your Culinary Side

Treat your taste buds and eat your way through Lincoln City with some of the finest dining options in town. Find where to eat in Lincoln City Oregon. Take a culinary class to learn more about local cuisine or find somewhere to catch your own dinner. Discover your culinary side

Trip through the Past

Learn about our rich history on the Oregon Coast, visit historical sites or find something old and make it new again. Take a trip through the past

Ghostly Encounters

It seems that spirits love Lincoln City as much as humans do — perhaps because of the rich coastal history, a variety of Native American sacred places, or simply the intense emotion of sea tragedies and storms. If you enjoy seeking out phantoms, you can take your own Eeeeeeko Tour. Uncover Ghostly Encounters

On the Water

We’ve got a lot of water around here, so take advantage of it! Have fun on the ocean, lake, bay or rivers. Each offers a unique experience and plenty of sights to see. Get on the water

Just for the Kids

There’s lots of stuff out there to keep the kiddos entertained rain or shine. The adults might even want to take part too! Find the best family-friendly activities at the Oregon Coast. Activities just for the kids

Shop ’till You Drop

Big city shopping or small-town charm, we’ve got both! Hit the outlets in Lincoln City for designer brands or local gift shops for that perfect souvenir. Shop ’till you drop

Commune with Nature

Explore the wild side of Lincoln City and discover some of the best outdoor spaces with beautiful surroundings in the area in which to have your adventure. Commune with Nature

Wildlife Viewing

So many critters on the land and in the water call Lincoln City home. Spy on them in their natural habitats and collect that perfect snapshot to take home. Discover Wildlife Viewing

Group Tours

Have a large group or a motor coach to negotiate? Give us a call and let us help coordinate your visit. 541-557-1125. Learn more about Group Tours