Explore the area’s natural wonders to the south. Unique geological formations, bottomless pits and spouting horns all make for great sights to see.

Boiler Bay

A few miles south of Lincoln City you’ll find a great location to watch powerful waves crash against the coastal rock formations during winter storms. It’s also positioned nicely for whale watching with its panoramic views. In 1910, an explosion sank the J. Marhoffer, and you can see the ship’s boiler at low-tide.

Devils Punchbowl

A natural sandstone cauldron south of Depoe Bay sculpted into the headlands by the powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean. Beginning as a sea cave, at one point the cave ceiling collapsed, exposing the churning ocean at work. Watch tide surge in and out of the crater with awesome power. You’ll can also catch a glimpse of nearby seals and sea lions congregated nearby and it is a prime spot for spotting Gray Whales. Learn about Devils PunchbowlDevils

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Just south of Yachats, OR, a coastal wonderland – where the forest meets the sea, Cape Perpetua is full of natural wonders.

Devils Churn

The pounding, exploding waters of Devils Churn are at their best during high tide and winter storms. At the Devils Churn you’ll find restrooms, an information station (summer only), coffee shop and wheelchair accessible viewpoint. See the Churn from the viewing platform located alongside Highway 101, or on foot along the Restless Waters Trail.

Thor’s Well

Cook's Chasm and Spouting Horn at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, natural wonders just south of Lincoln City, ORA beautiful, but dangerous formation, Thor’s Well can be viewed by taking the Captain Cook Trailhead from the Visitor Center. When surf is up, water shoots upward from the bowl, then drains back into the opening. Many photographers trying to capture the action report how dangerous it is to try to get close to the spouting horn when it’s active, so if you visit, be careful and keep your distance.

Cook’s Chasm & Spouting Horn

The Spouting Horn is a salt water fountain driven by the ocean’s power. The Horn puts on its best show at high tide and during winter storms. Spouting Horn can be viewed from Highway 101 and from a wheelchair accessible observation point along the Captain Cook Trail.

Learn about Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Seal Lion CavesSea

On the south side of Cape Perpetua sits America’s largest sea cave and the year-round home of the Steller sea lion. The main cavern soars to the height of a 12-story building and stretches the length of a football field. Descend 208 feet in a high speed elevator down to the caves to experience one of the coast’s best natural wonders. Learn about Sea Lion Caves

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