Explore south day trips near Lincoln City. From Depoe Bay to Yachats, you can take in a little whale watching, explore a working waterfront, learn about life along the coast and see countless natural wonders.

Depoe Bay – 8 Miles South

This coastal community is famous for whale watching. Perched high above the Pacific Ocean, it’s the perfect vantage point to spy on migrating whales or one of the year-round residents. Explore the shops as you feel the mist in the air from the crashing surf below.

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Newport – 20 Miles South

This working waterfront has a number of popular attractions, shopping districts and is the science and research hub of the Oregon Coast. Newport is home to NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) west coast operations, the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, just south of Lincoln City, ORMarine Science Center. Spanned by it’s iconic bridge, Yaquina Bay provides commercial and recreational fishing opportunities as well as other charter excursions. Explore a wide variety of shops along the bayfront or at Historic Nye Beach.

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Waldport – 35 miles South

A small coastal village with a large beautiful bridge. The quiet city has a number of shops and restaurants, most featuring fresh local seafood. Fishing, clamming and crabbing are popular recreational activities in Waldport.

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Yachats – 45 Miles SouthAlsea Bridge in Waldport, just south of Lincoln City, OR

Nestled between the lush forested mountains of the Coast Range and rhythmic waves of the Pacific surf, the little village of Yachats opens a window to the environment. It is the ideal place for a peaceful retreat, outdoor adventures, recreation and romance.

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Scenic Drives & Viewpoints

As you make your way south along the Pacific Coast Highway, the coastline becomes more rugged. There are spectacular sights to behold where the ocean meets the rock and sand. Make sure you take the opportunity to check out some of the most iconic scenic views along the Oregon Coast just south Thor's Well near Cape Perpetua, just south of Lincoln City, ORof Lincoln City.

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Natural Wonders

Explore the area’s natural wonders to the south. Unique geological formations, bottomless pits and spouting horns all make for great sights to see.

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