The quiet hamlet of Neskowin offers all the charm of a small, intimate coastal village where time almost stands still. You’ll find a general store, a few restaurants and a golf course amid the lovely ocean cottages and slower pace of life.

AttractionsStop by the Neskowin Trading Company just north of Lincoln City, OR

The Neskowin Trading Company

A leading provider of fresh, local and imports along Hwy 101, they take pride in offering the best in variety and taste. Neskowin’s one and only Market, Deli & Wine shop! Not only do they offer gourmet cheese, delicious wines, pastas, chocolates & ice cream, they also cater to your everyday grocery needs. Learn about The Neskowin Trading Company

Neskowin Beach Golf Course

A favorite for generations of golfers sine the 1930s. The nine-hole, 35-par course also has a charming clubhouse where locals gather for coffee and chat. And the view from the seventh tee is spectacular! Special events take place here in the summer, such as Friday night movies, croquet matches and other fun experiences. Learn about the Neskowin Beach Golf CourseVisit the Ghost Forest in Neskowin, just north of Lincoln City, OR

Ghost Forest

Winter is the only time you are likely to glimpse the Neskowin Ghost Forest. The petrified remains of roughly 100 Sitka spruce trees are more than 2,000 years old and only visible during the lowest December, January and February tides. In their prime, the trees would have been enormous, towering 150 to 200 feet tall. Experts say the spruces were initially buried as a result of a massive earthquake plunging higher ground to below sea level. A subsequent tsunami most likely then enveloped the trees in sand.

Proposal Rock

Proposal Rock in Neskowin, just north of Lincoln City, ORNamed after a tale of star-crossed lovers, Proposal Rock has become a place associated with romance and popping that most important of questions. Climbing the basalt sea stack is not advised and make sure to play close attention to the tides when visiting.

Neskowin Farmers Market

This popular market sets up shop from May through October. Join them Saturdays from 9 to 1 right off of Highway 101. You’ll find fresh produce, dory caught fish, artisan bread, pastries, granola, teas, artisan crafts, and more. Learn about the Neskowin Farmers Market

Recommended Restaurants

The Beach Club Bistro – 48880 Hwy 101 S, Neskowin • 503-392-3035 • Website
Cafe on Hawk Creek – 4505 Salem Ave, Neskowin • 503-392-4400 • Website

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