What Does Reopening Lincoln City Mean?

Things are changing at a rapid pace. We're here to clear things up as we continue to closely monitor reopening Lincoln City.

Last Updated September 22, 2020

Lincoln City entered Phase 1 of the governor’s framework for a phased reopening, approved by the Oregon Health Authority starting May 15 as set forth by Lincoln County officials.

Most recently, Gov. Kate Brown released Executive Order 20-25, known as “Strong and Safe Oregon,” which details outdoor recreation and travel. Included in the new executive order are details about how individuals may go outside for non-contact recreational activities while continuing to minimize non-essential travel.

Even though Lincoln City is in Phase 1, it’s important to stay local and maintain physical distancing.

Baseline Reopening

Statewide, new baseline reopening guidelines went into effect on May 15.

Outdoor Recreation: The governor’s new statewide directive allows for recreation sites to reopen if land managers believe safety measures can be met. Day-use areas are gradually reopening at Oregon State Parks and other sites. Most camping remains closed, including dispersed camping in state forests.

Retail: Oregon retail stores are allowed to reopen with reduced occupancy to ensure physical distancing, clear signage about COVID-19, frequent sanitation and required face coverings. Indoor and outdoor malls are closed.

Gatherings: Local cultural, civic and faith gatherings are allowed for up to 25 people provided physical distancing can be in place. Local social gatherings over 10 people are prohibited and those under 10 people must use physical distancing.

Read the full details on Baseline reopening on the governor's website.

Phase 1 Reopening

So, what changes in Phase 1?

Restaurants: In addition to takeout and delivery, restricted dine-in service is allowed. Restaurants and bars will space tables at least six feet apart and require employees to wear face coverings. All on-site consumption of food and drinks will end by 10 pm.

Gatherings: Groups up to 25 people only will be able to gather together ⁠locally — with no travel.

Retail: In addition to the guidelines covered under Baseline reopening, indoor and outdoor malls are allowed to reopen.

Personal Care Services: Services by appointment only with pre-appointment health checks. Providers must keep a customer log and maintain six feet of physical distancing between clients. Face coverings are required by employees and clients (depending on the services provided).

Gyms/Fitness Centers: Facilities must limit the maximum number of customers accordingly, and enforce physical distancing and sanitation.

Review the reopening guidance for the public to help restart public life while maintaining healthy Oregon communities.

What This Means for Visitors

Currently, non-essential travel is not allowed and it’s still important to stay local. Continue to avoid overnight and non-essential trips, including recreational day trips to destinations outside of your community. Those who reside in a county that has not reopened are asked to be thoughtful and stay home.

Essential travel: Generally, essential travel refers to going distances for work, caring for family or other vulnerable populations, or the need to acquire essential items like food and supplies, medical care and prescriptions, emergency services, shelter, and legal or financial necessities.

Non-essential travel: Overall, non-essential travel is not crucial to the functioning of society during a crisis. This includes outdoor recreation activities as well as vacations and other leisure activities. Non-essential travel is not allowed in Phase 1. It is currently unclear when non-essential travel will be allowed again; specifics of Phase 2 are still being determined and will depend on data from Phase 1.

What Local Businesses Reopened in Phase 1?

Each business will decide to reopen based on their ability to meet Phase 1 reopening requirements. For some, this will have been as soon as May 15, for others, this will be later.

Explore Lincoln City is currently monitoring local restaurants and the services they are offering at this time. Check the most up-to-date list.

Has Lodging Reopened?

Lincoln City lodging properties were allowed to reopen on June 1. Businesses must have applied to demonstrate they can meet all of the reopening requirements. During Phase 1, lodging properties might offer fewer services and allow for extra cleaning protocols.

Read the full details on reopening Lodging in Lincoln County.

When Can Lincoln City Enter Phase 2 Reopening?

Counties continuing to meet the prerequisites may be able to enter Phase 2. The goal is to further expand gathering size, allow some office work, plus begin to allow visitation to congregate care. Specifics are still being worked out and will be based on data collected in Phase 1. Lincoln County has applied and approved for Phase 2, which is set to go into effect September 29, 2020 provided all qualification criteria have been met.

Do I Have to Wear a Face Covering?

As directed by Oregon's governor, face coverings are required in all indoor public spaces and outdoor spaces where 6ft of physical distance from others cannot be maintained.

Find more information about wearing face coverings in Lincoln City.

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