Special Drops

You'll find our Float Fairies in a generous mood from time to time. Throughout the year extra glass floats are placed on Lincoln City beaches to find and keep.

Hunting for a glass float? Increase your chances during our Special Drops! Search our beaches on holidays, special occasions and even during surprise events. There are hundreds of extra treasures to find.

2020 Season Special Drop Dates

October 12-13: Opening weekend of Finders Keepers: 100 extra floats
November 28-30: Thanksgiving: 50 floats
December 29-Jan 1, 2020: New Years: 50 floats
February 9-18: Antique week: 300 Japanese antique floats
February 14-16: Valentine’s Day: 50 red/pink/white floats
March 21-April 5: Spring break: 300 extra floats
April 21-22: Earth Day: 50 globes
May 9-10: Mother’s Day: 50 extra floats
May 23-25: Memorial Day: 50 red/white/blue floats
June 27-28: Summer Kite: 10 extra floats
June TBD: Casino Anniversary: 25 extra floats
September TBD: Celebration of Honor: 50 Red, white, blue floats

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