Frequently Asked Questions, and frequently answered answers.

1. Where are the floats?

Well, they are on the beach in Lincoln City, from Road’s End to Mo’s (Siletz Bay). That is approximately 7 ½ miles of beach. They are usually hidden above the tide line, among the driftwood, among the rip-rap, sometimes just out on the beach, but no place that requires climbing.

2. Tips for finding floats.

Look! Just walking down the beach and casually looking usually does not find you a float. Driftwood sometimes has “pockets” which will accommodate a float, sometimes there are clumps of seaweed on the beach, which can make a good place to hide one, and corners of the rip-rap (but no climbing).

3. When and how many floats are put out?

Mid-October through Memorial Day we place hand-blown glass floats on the beaches of Lincoln City for beachcombers to find and take home, thus the name “Finders Keepers”. Often we have special float drops where the volunteers will put out “extra” floats. Usually there are about 70 per week, however these are put out by several volunteers, so it really depends upon their schedule. There is no set “time”. Some can be put out in the morning, mid-day, or even around sunset. However, none, I repeat NONE are put out in the dark. The beach is too dangerous at that time of night and early morning before sunrise.

4. 3 “must do’s” in Lincoln City.

Visit the Cultural Center, the North Lincoln County Historical Museum and the Lincoln City Glass Studio.

5. What does it cost to hike Cascade Head or Drift Creek?

Cascade Head is a free hike, but check with the Hebo Ranger Station to be certain the trails are open (tele: 503-392-3161). Drift Creek Falls trail requires a day use fee. At the trail head there is a trail head information kiosk where you can purchase your day use pass. Hikers should always take a container of water with them along the trail.

6. Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Dogs are allowed on the beach, and most places require them to be on a leash. Individual beach regulations will be posted at beach access. Please remember to be a responsible pet owner regarding cleaning up after your pet so our beautiful Oregon coast beaches can be enjoyed by all.

7.Is alcohol allowed on the beach?

Yes. However you are not allowed to leave your containers on the beach. If any of the bottles get broken, you need to pick up the glass, so that children and animals do not hurt themselves as they are also sharing the beach with you.

8. Is camping allowed on the beach?


9. Where is fresh seafood available for purchase?

Barnacle Bills (2174 NE Hwy 101) and Mr. Bill’s Smokehouse (2981 SW Highway 101), and sometimes even at the local grocery stores.

10. Any covered outdoor picnic spots in the city?

Yes, down on SW 51st Street in the Taft Area (near Mo’s), Regatta Grounds Park on Devils Lake

11. Best beach and bay viewing spots?

Road’s End State Park, D-River Wayside, SW 51st Street.

12. Can you drive on the beach?

No, but you may park on the beach at NW 15th St (there is always a risk of getting stuck in the sand). A word of caution: be sure to check the tide tables before you venture down the access road.

13. Does Lincoln City have any family-friendly seafood restaurants?

YES! Mo’s, Chinook’s Seafood Grill, Blackfish Café, MIST at Surftides, Sunroom Restaurant @ Salishan Spa & Golf Resort, Vivian’s Restaurant, Kyllo’s.

14. Can I have a fire on the beach?

Yes, small controlled fires, no larger than 2′ x 2′, are allowed on the beach as long as they are well away from beach grass and drift log piles. Extinguish fires with water, buried fires can stay hot for several hours and can cause injury to other guests on the beach. Check with the North Lincoln County Fire Department about the fire danger rating, especially during the summer.

15. What is a sneaker wave?

Sneaker waves are large, unexpected waves, rushing up on the beach and catching people off guard. They can be dangerous, especially for children. They often occur during outgoing tides, so NEVER turn your back on the ocean. Be Beach Safety Smart and watch out for sneaker waves.

16. When do the whales pass by and how do you spot them?

There are two times a year that the whales pass by the Oregon Coast: December-January and March-May. Usually one spots a whale by their “blow”, water spouting in the air. There have been whale sightings all along the beaches of Lincoln City. The lobby at the Inn at Spanish Head is a designated “Whale Spoken Here” spot and is staffed by volunteers from the Oregon State Parks Department during spring and winter Whale Watch weeks. Another great place to spot whales is at the Whale Watch Center in Depoe Bay. Locally there are about 400 resident whales, they are typically seen when the water is flat.

17. Where can I go crabbing?

A popular spot for people in Lincoln City is Siletz Bay. The “crabbers” there use fishing type poles with a trap on the end. They usually use chicken as “bait”. Then they sit in their chair and wait for the crabs to take the bait. A permit is required and can be obtained at Eleanor’s Undertow on SW 51st St.

18. Can I go clamming in Lincoln City?

Yes. Most the people who go clamming do it along the Siletz Bay, during an outgoing tide. A permit is required.

19. Is there a main downtown area in Lincoln City?

Lincoln City is unique because it is made up of several small communities that used to be towns before they were incorporated. The most concentrated shopping area is the Ocean Lake neighborhood, which many locals think of as downtown.

20. Can we use fireworks on the beach?

No, fireworks are not allowed on Oregon Beaches.

21. Is there a restroom?

Yes, most of Lincoln City’s major beach access points and larger parks have restroom facilities. So public restrooms are available throughout Lincoln City.

22. Is a permit required for a wedding on the beach?

We recommend contacting Oregon State Parks as all of Oregon’s beaches are State Park property.