Surfland Tidepool Advntures

Meeting spot will be arranged a time of booking with Surfland Tidepool Adventures. $25.

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Explore the intertidal zone during a minus tide with Surfland Adventures! We’ll meet you at the best off-the-beaten-path tidepool on the Central Coast and our tidepool expert will introduce you to the local inhabitants. Expect to meet sea stars, urchins, anemones, chitons, crabs, shore birds and much more during this 1.5 hour adventure.

This adventure is suitable for all ages. Note that there will be stairs and scrambling on slippery rocks. Dress in layers and wear shoes and pants you won’t mind getting wet.

Maximum 10 people; all participants must wear a face covering.
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Surfland Tidepool Adventures Schedule

Thursday, July 23, 9 am
Friday, July 24, 10 am
Saturday, July 25, 10 am
Sunday, August 2, 7 am
Monday, August 3, 7 am
Tuesday, August 4, 8 am
Wednesday, August 5, 9 am
Thursday, August 6, 9 am
Tuesday, August 18, 7 am
Wednesday, August 19, 7 am
Thursday, August 20, 8 am
Friday, August 21, 9 am
Saturday, August 22, 9 am

Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday, August 18