“For the Seventh Generation”

Outdoor Coastal Art Exhibit at Lincoln Cultural Center.

FMI visit LincolnCity-CulturalCenter.org.

“For the Seventh Generation” Outdoor Art Exhibit is a pano-mural, 2 feet tall and nearly a ½ mile long, of the entire western coastline of the United States. You can start your walk in Tijuana, passing by the Huntington Beach Pier, San Francisco Bay, Cascade Head, Haystack Rock, Astoria Bridge, and Puget Sound before ending your trek with a view of the Peace Arch on the Canadian border.

Painting by Erik Sandgren.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wednesday, July 13
  • Thursday, July 14
  • Friday, July 15
  • Saturday, July 16
  • Sunday, July 17

Mapped location of “For the Seventh Generation”
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