Top Sweet Spots

No tricks required when visiting these sweet shops.

With All Hallows-Eve creeping closer, sink your teeth into a sweet delight with our list of the top candy shops in Lincoln City. Just one taste will send your taste buds soaring like a kite.


Voted as one of the best candy stores on the Oregon Coast, Candyland is located right off of Highway 101 in the Oceanlake District. Specializing in rare candies that are as hard to find as they are to chew, Candyland will have you strolling down lollypop memory lane with their variety of sweets. Don’t forget to fill up on taffy. They have one of the biggest selections in Lincoln City. Learn more about Candyland here.

Chocolate at the Beach

What could possibly make chocolate better? Chocolate AT the beach, of course! This sweet shop focuses on homemade chocolates such as fudge, caramels and other goodies. You can also find a respectable selection of candies as well. Look for Chocolate at the Beach, conveniently located near the Christmas Cottage in the Nelscott District. Learn more about them here.

The Chocolate Frog

The newest addition to Lincoln City’s basket of sweets, the Chocolate Frog brings their tasty assortments to the Nelscott District. Originally from Waldport, the Chocolate Frog has hopped, skipped and jumped its way to Lincoln City. On display is an assortment of high-quality chocolates from Switzerland, Germany, and Mexico. You’ll also find other tasty items such as organic honey, locally made jams, and freshly brewed coffee and hot chocolate. But of course, no visit is complete without tasting one of their signature chocolate frogs, made with milk or dark chocolate. Learn more about the Chocolate Frog here.

Read’s Homemade Candies

Read’s is the place to go for taffy. For decades, Read’s have prided themselves on their homemade taffy, which can only be found in their Lincoln City location. Handcrafted with care every day, watch the old-fashioned taffy machine cut, wrap and spit out each piece. Flavors ranging from classics like strawberry or peanut butter to unusual ones like coconut or key lime pie are all available in their woodcut bins. Fill up a bag of your favorites, then walk down to the beach for an early fall stroll. Learn more about Reads by visiting our page here.

Sweet Delights Candy Store

Hidden in a corner of the Lincoln City Outlets is this small and humble sweet shop. Specializing in homemade seafoam, fudge, and divinity. Sweet Delights has something for you to be delighted about. A rainbow selection of taffy and lollipops decorates the shopfront, and their Dippin’ Dots ice cream occupies a small, but a busy spot in the corner. Grab a handful of sweets while you shop at the Outlets. With over 40 brand-name stores to choose, you’ll need a sugar kick to get through the day. Learn more about Sweet Delights here.

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