Top 10 Things to Do on the Beach

One of the best places to begin your Lincoln City adventure is on our seven miles of soft, sandy beach.

From exploring the local wildlife to the gorgeous natural beauty to catching your own dinner—the sand and shore are teeming with possibility.

1. Tidepooling

The Pacific Ocean recedes, revealing exposed rock, cradling pools of still saltwater. Inside these tide pools, miniature colorful displays of ocean habitat dwell, waiting to be discovered. Starfish the color of sunsets are neighbors to purple and green sea anemones and dark purple sea urchins in Lincoln City’s tide pools. A rush of colors envelops the rocky ocean shores, home to tiny darting fish, and Hermit crabs looking for a new home. These are a few of the tide pool creatures you will discover here.

New to tide pooling? Drop-in on one of our free Tide Pool Exploriences.

For more information visit our Tide Pool page.

2. Beachcombing

The ocean’s treasures are left ashore after big storms and during low tides—revealing agates, shells, and sea creatures. As you go treasure hunting, be on the lookout for one of our Finders Keepers hand-blown glass floats. From agates to fossils, to jasper and petrified wood, treasure is waiting to be discovered on the sandy shoreline. Agates, one of the most sought after beach gems, are semi-transparent stones are pieces of quartz, carnelian, chalcedony, and jasper, which comes loose from the headlands during wild storms and left behind at low tide.

Agates can come in all colors, can contain fossils, and can be discovered along beaches and rivers. The gems wash out to the ocean and become polished in the surf over time.

Want to learn how to find these precious gems? Stop by a free Beachcombing Explorience with a local expert, who walks you through how to find them.

For more information visit our Beachcombing page.

Beachcombing in Oregon

3. Whale Watching

A feathered spout of ocean water, the majesty of an ocean creature breaching the waves—whale watching is a celebration of Mother Nature. From Lincoln City beaches, it’s easy to watch pods of migrating gray whales swimming from Baja, Mexico to Alaska twice a year. Great whale watching locations are at the Roads End State Park and from the Inn at Spanish Head during the spring and fall in Lincoln City.

4. Sunset Watching

With seven miles of sandy beach, the theater of the Pacific Ocean is on full display as the sun begins to melt into the waves. Whether you are strolling the beaches, searching for precious gems, or curled with your loved ones by a beach bonfire, catching the last streams of light as the sky lights up in brilliant red and orange, fading into softer pinks, purples, and eventually dusky blues. The sunsets in Lincoln City are the best natural fireworks to catch at the end of the day.

5. Kite Flying

The whoosh of the wind as it pulls your bundle of fabric and string into the sky—kite flying is a way of life. On clear days with a stiff wind, the skies of Lincoln City are a menagerie of colorful kites. Twice a year Lincoln City hosts kite festivals in the summer and fall, bringing in professional world-renowned talent. Need to buy a kite? Kites and supplies can be found at Northwest Winds Kites & Toys or Wind-driven.

A person flying a kite

6. Crabbing

Siletz Bay is a great spot to go crabbing in Lincoln City, year-round. The best time to crab is several hours past low tide, ensuring the crabs are active and water currents will cause the least disturbance to your gear. Harvest the bounty of Siletz Bay and catch your dinner from the shoreline. Essential crabbing gear includes a crab trap, bait, shellfish license, bucket, gloves, and measuring gauge.For adventurers 12 years and older, a shellfish license is required, and for a full breakdown of regulations, visit the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife’s website or call 541-867-4741. Crabbing regulations are also available at the Taft Dock.

7. Clamming

As the tide goes low in Siletz Bay, mudflats emerge, and within lay a delicious population of clams. Purple varnish and softshell are the chief clams found in Siletz Bay, located in the section of the Bay close to Cutler City. Clams can be found approximately 14 inches below the sand and can be spotted through “shows” or small holes, 1/8 inch in diameter. Essential clamming gear includes a shovel, bucket or clam bag, gloves, and a shellfish license.

For those 12 years and older, a shellfish license is required, and for a full breakdown of regulations, visit the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife’s website or call 541-867-4741. Each clam digger must have their own container, dig their own clams and may not possess more than one limit of clams while harvesting—except under a Disabled Clam Digging Permit.

8. Sandcastle Building

Dig your hands and shovels into the golden sands of Lincoln City’s beaches to craft and create castles, creatures, and worlds as the Pacific roars in the background. Make a cityscape out of wet sand and decorate it with agates and driftwood. Every August, the Sandcastle Contest is held at Siletz Bay, a wondrous, fun-filled weekend celebrating one of Lincoln City’s best adventures—playing on our beaches.

child building a sandcastle

9. Beach Bonfire

The warm crackles of fire against the wood, heat as marshmallows, hot dogs are roasted over an open flame. Sand between toes and the sound of the ocean lapping against the shoreline. The clink of glass bottles raised in cheers, sparkling in the last rays of a sunset as dusk becomes a star-filled night. A beach bonfire is a great way to experience and soak in the beauty of our sandy shores. Small, controlled fires, 2’ by 2’ are allowed on the beach. Please be mindful and keep fires away from beach grass and driftwood. Extinguish your fire completely with water when you are done, buried fires can remain hot for several hours and potentially burn an unsuspecting foot or paw. Check the fire danger level before setting up your fire.

10. Finders Keepers

Walking along the beach, with the sound of the ocean in your ears, something gleams in the sand up ahead. A beautiful, multi-colored blown glass float is nestled there, amongst the beach grass and driftwood. Congratulations—you have found a Finders Keepers glass float. The best part? You found it, you get to keep it. Year-round glass floats are hidden along Lincoln City’s seven miles of beach. Grab your shoes and keep your eyes open for something sparkling in the sand.

For more information visit our Finders Keepers page.

Come experience the stunning shores of Oregon's coast. We have a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy along seven miles of white sandy beaches. For the local scoop, request your visitor's guide today!

Finders Keepers - Glass Floats on the Beach
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