Spring To The Beach

Say goodbye to winter gloom! Spring is here and we are ready for it.

Magic, illusion and sleight of hand will amaze during the Festival of Illusions this month. For two weeks, immerse yourself into a world of wonder. Every evening from March 24th – April 4th, the Lincoln City Cultural Center will feature a different professional magician or illusionist. Performers roam through the crowd teaching guests tricks and illusions making it a fun and interactive experience for the audience. It is a family-friendly fun night full of surprises. You might even make it on stage! These performers are ready to blow your mind.

A haven for running enthusiasts, Lincoln City happily hosts the annual Half Marathon & 10k. Trails winding up into ancient and beautiful headlands with panoramic views of the Pacific and the coastline as far as the eye can see. Run on an out and back loop on rural country roads with dense coastal forests and meadows starting and ending at Taft High School. The race date is April 4th but sign up for a discounted registration this March.

Beachcrest Brewing Co. is a family-friendly place for visitors and locals alike to gather after a day of outdoor adventures to relax, connect and enjoy locally made and inspired beers. Situated on the Salishan Golf Course, the outdoor sundeck views are stunning. Inside, they have long community-style tables and a large space big enough to host live music. As a family-friendly business, you can still enjoy locally crafted beer in a cool environment while playing a board game with your kids. Outside food is welcome, but you can also find a rotating food cart nearby. They also have a small menu of snacks made in house. Beachcrest is quickly becoming adored by all because they are focused on building and enriching the local community by creating a space for friends new and old to gather. Next time you are in town, give them a visit. You’ll be welcomed with a smile.

Another Explorience is going live at the end of March – Clamming! Join ‘Captain Clameron’ as he guides you through the Siletz Bay mudflats and explains Oregon’s clamming regulations, harvest methods, identification, cleaning, and cooking techniques of the clams you will find and take home. Be sure you are prepared for this hands-on, often dirty but super fun activity by checking out what you’ll need, most importantly a shellfish license for any adventurer 12 or older!

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