Kite Shops In Lincoln City

These shops will have you soaring!

Watching a professional flier take a kite to the skies is like watching a professional dancer. Kites flying to and fro is enough to inspire one to purchase a kite and try it out. In Lincoln City, we have two top-notch kite stores that can provide all of your flying needs.

Northwest Winds Kites & Toys

Northwest Winds Kites & Toys is conveniently located across from the D River State Recreation Site, one of the best kite flying locations in Lincoln City. Walking into this colorful shop, your sense of sight teems with delight. All colors of the rainbow are represented. Whether it’s a ladybug, pirate, or superhero…there is a kite in this shop for a variety of interests.

Owners Mike and Jackie Oswald are both savvy business owners and kite enthusiasts.

“Kiting is such a big part of Lincoln City’s identity,” says Mike. “We were presented with this opportunity to open a kite shop in Lincoln City, and we jumped on it. We’ve been in business for 9 years and enjoy bringing family fun to this town.”

Jackie Oswald says that Lincoln City’s unique weather patterns are perfect for kite flying.

“Most days, you’ll have winds built up from the northwest that is typically between 5 and 25 mph. These are ideal conditions for kite flying and are pretty consistent on a daily basis.”


The second kite shop, Winddriven, is another colorful shop, located in the Oceanlake District. Although smaller than NW Winds, this kite shop has an impressive display of deltas, diamonds, and dual line kites.

Owner Leslie Bittner has been in the kite business for 22 years and agrees that Lincoln City is one of the best kite flying spots.

“Practically any place on our beach is a great place to fly,” says Bittner. “We have seven miles of beach, so finding a place to fly is easy. But, you should always be careful when flying and never turn your back on the ocean.”

To learn more about kite flying in Lincoln City, check out the best places for kite flying or our Summer Kite Festival.

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