Biking...on the Beach!

The salty wind in your face, the ocean at your side, the mountains in the're biking freely down the beach and feel like a kid again!

Lincoln City is known for its seven miles of pristine beaches to explore and enjoy, stretching from Roads End to Siletz Bay. While a walk on the beach seems unsurpassed, we’re here to tell you it can be. This not-so-new activity of Fat Tire Biking is catching some attention recently. Luckily for Lincoln City, Safari Town Surf Shop picked up on the buzz and grabbed bikes for locals and guests to rent and enjoy. Not only can you rent them for you and your family, Safari Town also offer tours for those that might want a guided experience. This way, you can be led by someone who knows where to go and likely has a few stories to tell. Fat tire bikes have 4-inch wide wheels, which makes it easy to bike on hard packed sand. It is a great way to see the picturesque landscape and enjoy the ocean views!

Safari Town would love to give you more information on this, reach them through their website or facebook.

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