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It’s March! Which means it is almost time for Spring Break! Around this time of year, the kids are ready to break out of their classrooms and dive head first into a homework-free bliss.

For an escape from the real world, just head to the Oregon Coast. Lincoln City has seven miles of beach to make this Spring Break excellent! The temperatures will be rising and the winter rains will be subsiding, presenting a perfect outdoor wonderland for your family. Each year during spring break, we welcome thousands of guests to our seven miles of magnificent coastline. Lincoln City has seven miles to explore, treasure seek, and soak in the salty breeze.


There are a number of activities going on that the whole family can enjoy, one of which sounds like a real mystery. The Festival of Illusions is a tradition that brings magic and trickery to Lincoln City. It will run from March 26-April 3, 2018 in the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Each evening will feature a different illusionist or a professional magician. Audience are invited and encouraged to participate in the action! These expert magicians will be roaming the crowd to teach you and your family tricks and illusions. With this knowledge, you will definitely “wow” the folks back home!

There is also a whale of a show happening on the coast this spring break. March 24-31 will be Spring Whale Watch Week. Each year from March to June, nearly 20,000 gray whales pass the Oregon Coast while travelling north toward Alaska. There will be educated volunteers along the coast to answer any of your “whaley” important questions. (Pun definitely intended.) If you want a really great vantage point, The Inn at Spanish Head will have trained volunteers to help you spot these majestic creatures in the distance. Also, Depoe Bay is home to the coastal Whale Watching Center, where you can learn even more. Don’t miss this opportunity to see these animals in action.

In Lincoln City, there are miles of clean, pristine beaches; thanks to the efforts of organizations like SOLVE. The SOLVE Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup is getting together to tidy up what the tide brings in! This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with the community and really help preserve our beautiful coast that many call a haven. Help us keep it clean on March 24! And who knows, maybe while hunting for trash you might find a treasure. Come and find one of the extra 300 glass art pieces hidden on the beach by our Float Fairy volunteers! This spring break our Fairy volunteers will be hiding more than usual to surprise our guests!

This Spring Break will be amazing. There is a never-ending list of things for you to experience with your loved ones. Lincoln City has turned out to be one of the most surprising places along the Oregon Coast! Come hike, explore, experience, and enjoy the wonders of Lincoln City.

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