Enter to win a hand blown glass float!
Enter to win a hand blown glass float!
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In Lincoln City, there’s miles to explore….seven miles to be exact. Seven miles of soft, sandy beach. Seven miles of hidden treasures. Seven miles of magic family moments. Discover every inch of Lincoln City’s seven miles of smiles. Come, find your smile!

Finders Keepers

Celebrate 20 years of treasured hunting in Lincoln City during our signature event, Finders Keepers. Glass floats are back and now search for them on our beach year-round with over 3,000 to find and keep! Happy hunting!READ MORE

Beachside Bites

Want to find out more about Lincoln City’s tasty food scene? Watch Beachside Bites and get the inside track and maybe even learn a secret or two along the way. Host Donna Riani from the Culinary Center in Lincoln City will take you on a delicious journey you won’t soon forget!READ MORE

Macaroni & Seas

Treat your taste buds with a cheesy variety of mac and cheese recipes during Macaroni & Seas Week in Lincoln City. Restaurants will showcase their mac and cheese creations with unique takes on this classic comfort food.READ MORE

Seven Miles

Experience many of our favorite things about Lincoln City. From first times, to enduring memories. Make new traditions, and explore all the adventure to be found. Learn how to enjoy all of these and more!READ MORE


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