Antique Collectable Fountain Pen at Lincoln City's Antique Week on Oregon's Central Coast

An Incredible Place to Shop for Antiques All Year-Round!

For more than a decade Lincoln City has been the place to go on the Coast if you are interested in antiques and collectibles. Antique shops and used book stores abound in Lincoln City. “Country Home Magazine” has named Lincoln City one of the great undiscovered places to antique in the United States. To celebrate the quality of “antiquing”, every February Lincoln City hosts Antique Week, a ten-day long event.

Antique Week features city-wide antique store sales at which you can save as much as 25% on your purchases. In addition, although each Antique Week is a bit different from the others, it generally offers city-wide sales, live performances and workshops. An appraise-a-thon fair makes the event both entertaining and educational. It may seem curious that Lincoln City, one of the youngest communities on the Oregon coast, would be a good place to find antiques. But in the five historic neighborhoods which combined in the 1960s to make up the city – Delake, Oceanlake, Nelscott, Taft and Cutler City- you’ll find a rich history and a love of fine, old things. In this town there is a ready market for interesting, historic items that many folks find they just can’t do without.

HGTV's Collector Inspector Harry Rinker in Lincoln City OregonThere are many places in Lincoln City where the antique hunter and collector can shop. In addition, there are several vintage book stores which deal in those hard-to-find volumes you have always wanted to display on your bookshelf. Bob Portwood, of Robert’s Books, said that half of his clientele is collectors, who look for rare books or stock their shelves with favorite writers, regions or subjects. Some want only specific authors and their first editions, like Stephen King’s early work under another pen name. Portwood said that many search for Northwest authors, particularly those who write about the North Oregon Coast, such as M.K. Wren or Ken Kesey.

At The Little Antique Mall, the largest antique mall on the Oregon Coast, you will find primitives, furniture, pottery and gourmet coffee to taste. Further down in the Oceanlake neighborhood is a small antique district by itself, with malls like the Rocking Horse and the Carousel Antique Mall providing many local dealers with a corner and a shelf to display their finds. Nearby stores specialize in clothing, glass, toys and other treasures.

Streetcar Village on the south end of town offers row upon row of treasures, bargains and quirky collectibles. But don’t stop there. Everywhere you look in Lincoln City, there’s an antique store just begging to be browsed.

Open a rare volume, touch a vintage dress, imagine a century-old hat rack in your living room. It’s all part of the adventure of antique shopping in our little corner of the coast.