Beautiful Garden Pond at Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City, OregonLincoln City is making great efforts to better accommodate our residents and visitors who have disabilities related to mobility, sight, or hearing. We understand that traveling with disabilities can sometimes be difficult and that not everyone requires the same amenities. In addition to making significant changes in curbs and sidewalks during our recent Urban Renewal Projects, we have invited local businesses to share with us the amenities they have to help you in your travels.

Vacation rental homes are all different from one another and impossible to list on this page in their varied forms. It is best to contact them or their agents directly to see what available homes have the amenities you need.

This information was provided by the businesses and we are without the resources to check for accuracy. If you find that we have incorrectly reported a business’s amenities, please email us immediately at And certainly if you are familiar with other Lincoln City businesses who offer similar amenities, please let us know so we can include them in this list.

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Accessibility Maps for Lincoln City:


Between Chinook Winds Hotel Lobby/Restaurant and the Suites Building. The sloped asphalt and sidewalk transition to the sand. The slope gets steep as it approaches the beach, so it is best to navigate it with a companion. 1 ADA parking space. No restrooms.NW 26th:The beach access here is about 65 stairs. However, there is a good accessible viewing platform and ADA restroom. The restroom doors are manual, but will soon be upgraded to power. There is only one parking space, off load on the right if head-in parking. Enough room for a picnic.NW 15th:South side of the Seagull Motel. You can actually drive your car down onto the beach here, as long as your car remains in the designated area. Be careful, however, that conditions don’t cause you to get stuck. The sidewalk is too steep a slope for wheelchairs. Although there is a restroom there, it is not accessible by wheelchair.D River Wayside:In the center of town, where the ocean and the highway come together. The wayside is state owned and an extremely popular destination, so it is nearly always crowded. There are three spots that off-load right with head-in parking. They have some slope, and having assistance would be prudent. Wide sidewalks offer viewing only. Stairs to the sand.

The sidewalk that runs from the light at the highway along the north side of the main road into the park does not have a curb cut at the end nearest the beach. The sidewalk that runs along the very north end of the park is interrupted near the beach with damaged sidewalk that makes wheelchair access difficult or impossible. So if you choose to access the view from, at, or near the highway entrance, it is best to use the sidewalk that runs on the east edge and then to the south side. That one will get you all the way to the viewing area.

Restroom doors are generally open and have automatic door buttons inside. There is a threshold that exceeds the standards, so assistance may be required for wheelchairs. 1 grab bar on the side of the stalls of the women’s, but none in the men’s. Not much room for caretaker or turnaround.

There are areas close to the parking spaces and curb cuts that make picnics an option.SW 35th:Viewing area only. 1 parking space off-loads right with head-in parking. Restroom with shower. No automatic door.Inn at Spanish Head, 4009 SW 101:The entire hotel has stunning views of the Pacific, including the restaurant and lounge and restrooms. You may do so even if you are not a guest of the hotel. It has one parking spot off-loading on the right in front of the main door, although it is sloped. The parking accessible from the tunnel has 2 more parking spots off-loading right and van transportation across the highway.SW 51st:Primary view from here is the Siletz Bay with a small view of the Pacific Ocean at the end. 3 parking spaces with off-load right. Restrooms with manual doors. Covered picnic table area with 5 tables. Sloped cement area to sidewalk. Other curb cuts along the walk near parking spaces.

The dock next to Mo’s is uneven and bumpy, making access difficult.SECOND BEST ACCESSESNW 35th Court:Asphalt to the sand. Limited view. 1 parking space loading right. No restroom but close to Wecoma Park, three blocks south, that has restroom and play area and 1ne parking space that off-loads right with head-in parking.NW 16th:Next to the Coho Oceanfront Lodge. Ocean viewpoint only. Parking at the Coho.SW 11th:Canyon Drive Park. 1 parking spot off-load left across the street by the restrooms. Access aisle slopes. Asphalt viewing area transitions to the sand. The slope on this ramp is extreme. No paths or picnic areas. Park flat and grassy.PARKSRoads End Park:Outside City limits on the north end. State Park. Accessible restrooms (grab bars back and side) and two parking spaces with off-load between. No curb cuts or ramps from parking area to any of the sidewalks, except at restrooms. Some beach view from sidewalks, but trails to the beach are long, sloped and winding. Sand blown on the sidewalks and asphalt can be a challenge.Wecoma Park:NW 32nd and Jetty. 1 parking spot that off-loads right. Play area and basketball court. Restrooms with back and side grab bars. Picnic table with wheelchair spot that is reachable from the sidewalk. The other picnic table would be more difficult to reach since access is through grassy area. Extraordinary mosaic on the exterior restroom wall created by Judith Schlicting.Dorchester Park:Between NW 26th and 28th, behind the Dorchester House. 1 parking space with off-load right. Tennis courts. Restroom with side and back grab bars. Picnic area with 2 tables. One table has wheelchair seating.Regatta Park:On the lake at NE 14th. The playground is simply not accessible. This area is extremely steep. There are 3 parking spaces, 1 off-load right close to the restrooms and picnic tables in the lower area. 2 restrooms with side and back grab bars. 3 picnic tables near the restrooms with 1 accessible spot at each table. Dock not recommended access. Gazebo interpretive center is accessible.

Sand Point Park: On the north side of Devils Lake, accessible from East Devils Lake Road or Highway 101. 1 parking spot unload left. Restrooms with side and back grab bars. Picnic area with seating at table ends and barbecue pit. Good trails with no obstructions. Beautiful view of the lake.
Devils Lake State Park at NE 6th. 1 marked parking spot with off-load left near entrance. 2 accessible restrooms, side and back grab bars, roomy. 2 accessible showers, fully equipped with bench, low controls, wide door, railings.
2 campsites reserved for ADA campers with raised fire pit and extended picnic table tops.
2 ADA yurts.

Paved trails smooth and fairly level throughout campground.D-River City Park (Hostetler Park):Gravel parking, Picnic tables. Boardwalk along Devils Lake can be accessed from gravel lot. Transition difficult.D-River Wayside:See above under Beach AccessEast Devils Lake State Park:On East Devils Lake Road, which can be accessed from North 101 or South 101 at the Lincoln City Outlets corner. Paved trails. Fishing dock and boat dock. Slope to some picnic areas. 2 accessible restrooms with back and side grab bars.Holmes Road Park:West Devils Lake Road on the lakefront. I parking spot with left off-load. 2 restrooms. Rough threshold into the restrooms. Side and back grab bars. Steep paved incline to boat ramp. Stair access only to swimming and dock. Good lake view.Siletz Bay Park:South Highway 101 on south side of Waters Edge Condominiums. Good accessibility. Smooth paved trails. 3 parking spots. Restrooms but no grab bars. Picnic table with one wheelchair spot. Accessible interpretive gazebo. Great view of Siletz Bay.


Beach Wheelchair:
Eleanor’s Undertow
869 SW 51st
Lincoln City, OR
Tel: 541-996-3800

Beach Walker:
Siletz Bay Lodge
1012 SW 51st Street
Lincoln City, OR
Tel:  888-430-2100
Available: 7:00am-Dusk

*We recommend you call to reserve the equipment ahead of time.  There is no charge, but credit card info will be held until the equipment is returned.


Connie Hansen Garden:

This private garden is open to the public and is a delightful oasis in the middle of Lincoln City. It is located on NW 33rd, stretching from about a block in from the highway to Oar Street. Recently the Garden received a grant and made many of the paths wheelchair accessible by using very small gravel and gentle slopes. Two parking spaces share a center off-load. Restroom with maneuvering space and a grab bar. Threshold access from the garden can be a challenge.

Culinary Center in Lincoln City:

This facility hosts single and multi-day classes by pre-arrangement, as well as being the site of the city’s cook-offs. The demonstration and hands-on areas are wheelchair accessible. The restroom stalls have very limited maneuvering spaces but grab bars on all three sides. The facility is on the fourth floor of city hall and can be accessed by elevator.

Driftwood Public Library:

Another popular gathering place is the Driftwood Public Library, located in the second floor of the Lincoln Square building at 801 SW Hwy 101, next to Price N Pride. Citizens are justly proud of the library’s selection of books, tapes, and periodicals, as well as its bright and colorful children’s reading room. It is completely wheelchair accessible.

Community Rec Center:

The Lincoln City Community Center, on NE 22nd Street (behind Oceanlake Elks) is state-of-the-art. Call the lifeguards at the heated indoor pool 541-994-2131 or click here for the schedule of recreational swims with a pool lift, waterslide, laps and classes. The facility also houses the senior center and meal site, fitness center, a community bulletin board, and a state of the art basketball court, walking track and rock climbing wall. We had it seriously tested by wheelchair riders, and it got rave reviews.

Jennifer L. Sears Glass Art Studio:

Located on SW 48th and Highway 101. At the Jennifer L. Sears Glass Art Studio you can make a Float, Fluted Bowl, Paperweight, Starfish, Heart or Jumbo Float. They supply everything you will need, except your creative talent! This is your chance to get up “close and personal” with the process of creating a lasting memory in colored glass. Friendly instructors guide each student through a creative process that has been handed down through the generations for centuries.

The studio and its restroom (limited maneuverable space) are accessible, as is the exhibit area. Handicap parking is available, 1 space on the south side of the building with off-load right. Other spaces are available a block away at the SW 50th public lot or the public lot on the east side of 101, just north of the 48th street intersection.

Artists’ Studio Association

Located in the Co-op Gallery building at 620 NE Highway 101, the Artists’ Studio Association holds open studio sessions for mosaics, painting and polymer clay on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. These sessions are open to members of the public who wish to bring their own materials and supplies to work on their art in a free non-structured setting. For more deatiled information call 541-265-2678 or 541-996-4442 or visit

North Lincoln County Historical Museum:

To exercise your mind, visit the North Lincoln County Historical Museum, 4907 SW Highway 101 in the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City. Learn how the community developed and how the Native Americans and white settlers lived many years ago. The archive houses an exhibit dedicated to the city’s eponymous President Abraham Lincoln, as well as a rotation of special showings dedicated to other eras in the region’s history. The museum was recently remodeled and opened new exhibits. It is completely wheelchair accessible, although parking is on highway 101 or behind the museum on the street, making access from there difficult. Your best bet is to park in the public lot between SW 50th and SW 51st, just a block away.

Lincoln City Cultural Center:

The Mission of the Lincoln City Cultural Center is to enrich our community through art and cultural events in the historic Delake School. Our vision is to have the Lincoln City Cultural Center support community economic development by promoting a successful Center for the visual and performance arts. It is a Center for learning, with gallery exhibitions, dance and musical performances, poetry readings, film festivals, and other entertainment for all members of the family. The main floor of the Center is wheelchair accessible with winding ramps and power doors.

There are two accessible parking spaces but none marked for vans, although van access is possible. The Center also has an elevator that accesses the lower floor.

Bijou Theatre:

Take in a movie at the historic Bijou Theatre, 1624 NE Highway 101 541-994-8255. It’s an old-time movie house with first run flicks located in the Historic District or Oceanlake. It is wheelchair accessible and parking can be had in the lot across the corner on NW 17th or the lot behind the theatre on NE 15th.

Chinook Winds:

One of the most popular indoor spots in Lincoln City can be found at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, on the north end of town. The casino’s resort boasts a 247-room full service hotel, six restaurants, a video game arcade, live evening entertainment, child care, and of course, a few games for adults. For more information on featured entertainment and amenities please visit the Chinook Winds Casino Resort website. The casino is wheelchair accessible.


The most accessible areas for shopping are Lighthouse Square, the Historic Oceanlake District, and The Lincoln City Outlets.

Lighthouse Square:

Located at NW 40th and 101 has a variety of stores, including Safeway, Coast Pet, Joanne’s Fabrics, and Java Depot, with parking spaces near each store area. The sidewalk is generally wide and accessible, even where sloped. A change in terrain about half way between north and south creates significant slope. Only available restrooms are in the stores.

Oceanlake Historic District:

This area runs along Highway 101, with most shopping between NW 14th and NW 18th. Many of the store buildings are old, small, and designed in a way that makes them difficult to access on wheels. There is a public parking lot at NW 17th. It has two accessible spots with an off-load area near the Hwy 101 side and another with off-load left at the opposite end. The public restrooms are ADA and soon will have automatic door openers. A lovely mosaic by Sharon Wiggins adorns the exterior restroom walls.

A second public parking lot can be found at NE 15th, just behind the stores. It has two parking spaces with an off-load area between. 2 car charging stations are there as well.

A third lot is on NW 15th, behind the stores. One spot off-loads right and two others have an off-load area between them.

The Lincoln City Outlets:

Located on SE East Devils Lake Road, the Lincoln City Outlets, has more than 60 stores and includes restaurants. In the village area restrooms have no doors and the ones in the office building area have two doors – one that is always open. The restrooms invite access by both sexes if assistance is required.

The Center has twenty uncovered parking spots that off-load in a variety of ways, some behind the Center and some on the top of the parking structure. An elevator is available for descent. There are more spots in the covered area as well.

Nelscott Strip:

This cute little shopping area is, unfortunately, difficult to access. The only parking lot is on SW 32nd. It has no accessible spaces. Storefront parking is possible, but there are no curb cuts or offload area. There is no public restroom.


NW 28th – Dorchester Park

NW 17th Public Parking Lot

D-River Wayside

SW 51st:

This parking lot is just west of Hwy 101 between SW 51st and SW 50th. At the far end of SW 51st near the ocean there is an additional restroom.


The following lodging properties and attractions have pool and spa lifts available.

Ashley Inn
Best Western Landmark Inn
Best Western Lincoln Sands
Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Coho Oceanfront Lodge
Inn at Spanish Head
Inn at Wecoma
Liberty Inn
Lincoln City Community Center
Sea Horse Oceanfront Lodging


The North Lincoln Hospital Optimist Trail:

Three-tenths of a mile long on gravel, starting at the hospital (3043 NE 28th Street off West Devils Lake Road). The easy, level walk provides a great view of the water.

Spring Lake:

Off West Devils Lake Road across the street from the Indian Shores entrance or east of Highway 101 on NE 14th, just west of Regatta Grounds Park, it’s a wheelchair-tested success for most of the trail, though difficult in some areas. Parking is on the north side of 14th. Because it is a moderately difficult hike in places on a natural surface, crossing hills and a stream, a traveling companion is important. The route heads around a small, gem-like lake in a beautiful, natural woodland.

Head to Bay:

This trail is in development. It runs from the Community Center on NE 22nd to West Devils Lake Road and then north. Sections of West Devils Lake North beginning at Holmes Road have been built to accommodate wheelchairs, but the slope is often very steep.


Many of the festivals and other special events in Lincoln City are easily accessible. Visit for information about the specific events. The Finders Keepers (glass floats on the beach) program has opportunities too, even though the floats are placed in the sand. Every month there is a regular drawing for those who cannot make their way down to the beach (call 800-452-2151 for information on entering), and for the special drops, listed in our calendar of events, you can enter to win one of two opportunities to get a glass float, crab, sand dollar, or antique Japanese glass float, depending upon the nature of the drop

Above all, enjoy your stay!