sculpture classes in lincoln city
With galleries of all sizes featuring pieces from ornate jewelry to bronze sculptures, Lincoln City is a great place to buy new things. Many of the galleries located in Lincoln City offer hands on opportunities for guests and visitors to create their own pieces of art to take home. For a list of places to try your hand at glass blowing or fusing, wood carving, oil painting and much more, visit our “New Things to Try” page! Or find a list of galleries and art related businesses HERE.


Lincoln City Cultural Center

lincoln city cultural center
Since 1929, historic DeLake School has been a center for education for the children of Lincoln City. The Lincoln City Cultural Center continues this tradition for ALL ages, offering classes in art, dance, music, literature, and theater. The Lincoln City Cultural Center also sponsors play writing contests, fund raisers, and activities to encourage artists of all ages.


Learn to cook on the oregon coast

cooking class at the culinary center in lincoln city
The Culinary Center in Lincoln City focuses on the abundant foods of the Pacific Northwest. We feature locally grown and raised foods…from organic vegetables to grass-fed natural meats, prairie-raised chickens, and of course, our vast array of fresh seafood and shellfish. The Culinary Center offers a wide array of classes to fit a variety of comfort levels. In demonstration classes it’s your job to sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful food and wine while you learn from a pro. Or dive right in to a hands-on class.

Create a Piece of Glass Art


611 Immonen Road •
When your group visits Alder House III, you will be standing in Oregon’s oldest glassblowing studio. The original facility opened 40 years ago, and the current facility, tucked in a romantic wooded area, opened March 15, 1999. Alder House is open daily at 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., from March 15 to the end of October. At Alder House your group can watch the artists blow glass art pieces or purchase pieces previously created. The artists are happy to share information about their art and techniques and frequently explain what they are doing as they create the pieces. Located about 3/4 of a mile up Immonen Road just south of Lincoln City, Alder House III can be reached from anywhere in Lincoln City within 15 or 20 minutes. Admission is free, and a motor coach turn around exists just a short distance up Immonen Road. Groups of 25 or fewer can be accommodated comfortably or larger groups in shifts. Public restrooms are available. Recommended time allotment for your stay is 45-60 minutes.


Handblown Glass Bowl from the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio in Lincoln City, OregonSW 48th and Hwy 101 • 541-996-2569 •
At this glassblowing studio your group will have the opportunity not only to see glassblowing in progress, but also to experience the art. The studio opened in February 2005 and offers glassblowing demonstrations free to the public, Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., exclusive of a few major holidays. For a modest fee, the artists at the studio will also teach anyone in your group who wishes how to blow their own glass float or make their own paperweight. Those in your group who seek out the artist within and blow a float are photographed with their creation, which is ready for them to take home at noon the following day. Photography and questions are allowed and encouraged, and the artists make every effort to educate guests about the various techniques of glass art. Retail sales of glass art are available on premises. Groups of 45 can be accommodated. Public restrooms and visitor information about the area are available, and a deli across the parking lot at the IGA makes an inexpensive lunch readily available. You can even eat lunch while you watch glass art being created. If a number of people in your group plan on blowing their own float or making their own paperweight, it is best to call ahead for reservations. Recommended time allotment for your stay is 45-60 minutes plus 20-25 minutes for every person in the group who wishes to blow a float or make a paperweight.


Glass Fusing Classes on vacation in Lincoln City
4933 SW Hwy 101• 541-994-2427 •
Create a unique piece of fused glass in just one day. Classes offered to suit your schedule, multiple students welcome! For more information, check out their website!

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Founded in 1970, the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology fosters creativity, intellectual inquiry, and education. By helping others discover more about their core creative selves and their connections to nature, the Sitka Center works to fulfill its mission of expanding the relationships between art, nature and humanity.

The Sitka Center offers workshops, residencies and community events, while maintaining a facility appropriate to its needs in harmony with its inspirational coastal environment near Cascade Head and the Salmon River estuary.

Literally a center at the edge, where land meets sky, saltwater meets freshwater, the Sitka Center is a place where a diverse group of people and ideas converge, co-mingle and depart transformed.

Artists’ Studio Association

To this day The Artists’ Studio Association continues its mission of offering classes in several mediums including watercolors, block printing, acrylics, drawing and mosaics. Children’s art classes, free open studios and workshops round out the art opportunities offered to the public for no fee or reduced costs.